About Searchine

It's Searchine goal to make search technology simpler and more accessible and believes in increasing conversions using super fast powerful and relevant search functionality. 

Powerful search functionality

Visitors expect to be able to find the correct information on websites faster and faster. If the correct information is not found, it will drop out. They have become accustomed to powerful search functionality on websites such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Marktplaats and Funda. We believe that an internal search function on your website should be just as powerful.

The origin of Searchine

We experience the problem that the standard internal search solutions for different CMS packages do not offer what visitors expect. They are often limited, avoiding fast and relevant results. Often a lot of valuable development time is lost by (further) developing the internal search function. Also, the available online solutions do not offer the desired integration options and are often very expensive. Technical knowledge of the product is often still required to achieve a powerful search function. That is why we have started developing this product ourselves.

Search as a Service

Searchine comes as a Search as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means that Searchine's customer does not have to worry about the underlying technology, storage and continuity of the offered search function. Searchine offers a number of ready-made widgets that can easily be placed on websites. Minimal technical knowledge is required and it fits every website, this does not depend on the CMS used.