Stephen Maij
Stephen Maij
15 Jul · 5 minutes read

3 reasons why you should not build a search function yourself

Many developers choose to use a standard search function, present in many CMSs, and to develop it further. However, there are disadvantages, such as effort and maintenance, which makes choosing an external site search solution often a better choice.

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4 reasons why your website should have a user-friendly site search

As an organization you spend a lot of time and money on optimizing your online findability and writing catchy texts. Logical, because you want visitors to end up on your website and that they stay there. Still, offering a good internal search function on your website is just as important.

Why you generate more conversion with an internal search function

Companies underestimate the importance of a good internal search function on their website. This while research shows that visitors who perform an internal search are twice as likely to convert if the search function works well.