on 15 July 2020

3 reasons why you should not build a search function yourself

Many developers choose to use a standard search function, present in many CMSs, and to develop it further. However, there are disadvantages, such as effort and maintenance, which makes choosing an external site search solution often a better choice.

Stephen Maij
Stephen Maij
Co-Owner & Product specialist

A standard built-in search function is often limited, so powerful, fast and relevant results are omitted. Therefore, further development on this foundation takes a lot of extra time. We give you 3 reasons why you should not build an internal search function yourself:

1. Not powerful enough

A standard search function is often not powerful enough. Think for example of:

  • The content that these search functions index are building blocks from the CMS.
  • The CMS itself cannot determine what the relevant pieces of text are and often also contains technical code that must again be filtered from the results.
  • Retrieving search results requires effort from the CMS, which is probably already busy enough serving the normal content.

2. Not user-friendly

If a user interface is already offered for the search function, it is often not user-friendly by default. For example, users do not receive feedback after typing search terms and have to press a button themselves. Additional filter options are not offered.

3. Much maintenance and knowledge required

Search is not a core functionality of a CMS and often gets insufficient attention from the developers. The search functionality must also be extensively tested with every update of the CMS software. Custom solutions require a lot of maintenance. The standard search function therefore requires continuous effort from a technical department to use it optimally. Technical knowledge must be guaranteed, which is endangered by the flow of personnel.

By using an external site search solution, such as Searchine Site Search, all these challenges can be solved for a fraction of the cost that DIY would cost.

Optimal performance with Searchine

We are continuously developing and improving the search solution of Searchine Site Search. Everything that is developed within Searchine Site Search should not be at the expense of performance and the desire to provide relevant search results to the user in no time.

Searchine offers simple widgets that can be placed on any website. New functionality becomes available automatically. Minimal technical knowledge is required, so no problems are to be expected if there are personnel shifts within the technical department.

Benefits of Searchine Site Search

  • Extensive options for custom implementations
  • Not CMS dependent
  • Provides support to developers for optimal use of Searchine
  • Facets

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Stephen Maij
Stephen Maij
Co-Owner & Product specialist