on 08 July 2020

4 reasons why your website should have a user-friendly site search

As an organization you spend a lot of time and money on optimizing your online findability and writing catchy texts. Logical, because you want visitors to end up on your website and that they stay there. Still, offering a good internal search function on your website is just as important. We give you four reasons why.

Else Strijbos
Else Strijbos
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1. Google is the default

Google's search function has become the default. Google supplements keywords, makes suggestions and corrects spelling mistakes. Visitors also expect such a search function on websites. However, many websites do not comply with that. Many organizations choose to use an internal search function that is standard in the CMS. The possibilities with these standard search functions are often much more limited than a user-friendly search function, such as Searchine.

2. Make or break?

Searching on a website can make or break the customer experience. Visitors who cannot find the information they are looking for within a few seconds leave your website dissatisfied. By offering a user-friendly search solution on your website, you help visitors get to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Visitors using the search function already intend to convert. If your search function does not work properly, they will drop out and you will lose very valuable visitors.

3. Final stage

Visitors using the search solution are usually already at a late stage in the decision-making process. They know what information they need and when they find it, they are ready to take the action you want. Research by Econsultancy shows that the conversion rate when using the internal search function is 50% higher than with the standard navigation.

4. Valuable information

Effective search on the site makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, but it also provides insight into the search behavior of visitors. Through the search terms that visitors type, you know what visitors expect from you. With this valuable data you can improve the online experience.

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Source: Econsultancy

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Else Strijbos
Else Strijbos
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