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Not only extinguishing fires and providing help are tasks of the fire brigade. The fire brigade uses the website to increase the safety awareness of visitors. has a lot of content on the website, which makes it sometimes difficult for visitors to quickly find the right information. A user-friendly search function is therefore very important.

76 %

Less exits

31 %

More organic traffic

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Less pageviews

Less website exits

After implementing Searchine Site Search, has 76% less website exits. This means that visitors more often click on at least one of the search results after performing a search. Thanks to the extensive page information that Searchine Site Search provides, visitors can determine more quickly whether a search result meets their expectations. Also, visitors now view fewer pages after receiving search term results, as they are more likely to find the relevant page.

More organic traffic

Searchine Site Search provides insights into website errors, such as 404 pages and dead ends. Based on these insights, the web editors of can correct website errors, which has a positive influence on organic findability. Organic traffic increased by 31% after implementing Searchine Site Search.

Offer more relevant content

Searchine Site Search not only provides insight into website errors, but also insight into what visitors are looking for via the search function. With these insights, the web editors know what visitors expect to find on and can respond to their current needs. As a result, visitors not only find relevant information through Searchine Site Search faster, but also provides more relevant content.

Easier search with filters has a lot of information on the website. As a result, there are also many search results. With Searchine Site Search, the fire brigade offers search filters, which makes searching for visitors even easier. For example, visitors can filter by region, so that they only get content about the region they are in. In addition, visitors can also search by category, such as news, events, information, etc.

Making it as easy as possible for visitors

The goal of is clear: to inform visitors about fire safety. Giving Searchine's search solution a prominent place on the website increases the visitor's independence in finding answers to questions. This makes it as easy as possible for visitors to find the right information.

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Searchine Site Search gives us insights into what visitors to our website expect, which allows us to continuously respond to their current needs
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