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Schools of Arts (Scholen in de Kunst) wants to bring children, young people and adults into contact with art and culture. They can register for courses via In addition to offering various courses, the website offers even more, such as information about art and culture in education and the activities organized by SidK in the area. The Schools of Arts website consists of many web pages, which makes it difficult to find the right page for visitors. A good search function on the website is therefore necessary.

68 %

Less exits

31 %

More use of search

32 %

Less pageviews

Faster with the right information

SidK's search function was slow and did not come with relevant information, so that a large proportion of visitors left the website after the search results appeared. For this reason, we have implemented Searchine Site Search on the SidK website. With Searchine's search solution, there are 68% fewer website exits after visitors see the search results. Visitors therefore more often click on at least one of the offered pages in the search results. Because Searchine Site Search provides extensive page information, visitors know more quickly whether a search result meets their expectations. Also, 32% fewer different pages are viewed after performing a search. If visitors have immediately found the right page, they need look no further. The internal search function of Schools of Art is used 31% more often.

Entire website searchable

The information on the SidK website comes partly from the Umbraco CMS and partly from a secondary system. The default search function that SidK had before crawled only the content from the CMS. As a result, the information from the secondary system was not searchable. Searchine searches all information on a page, making the entire website searchable. Because Searchine Site Search searches the website itself, the server is no longer burdened. This relieves the infrastructure.

Easier search with filters

The SidK website has many web pages. As a result, there are usually many search results. Using Searchine, SidK can offer search filters, which makes searching for visitors even easier.

Example: a visitor searches for 'piano lessons'. There are several reasons to search for 'piano lessons'. For example, the visitor may have the intention to immediately register for piano lessons, but the visitor may also feel the need to first receive information about the different rates of piano lessons. By filtering on 'courses', a visitor can quickly go to the desired course and by filtering on 'information', the visitor first receives relevant information about piano lessons at Schools of Art.

Easy integration through Umbraco plugin

Searchine is implemented via the Umbraco plugin on the website, which makes super fast integration possible. With every change in the Umbraco CMS, Searchine will re-index the content. In this way, every change on the website is immediately searchable.

Prevent loss of visitors

Through Searchine Site Search, SidK can provide relevant content on 404 pages (not found pages). It can happen that visitors click through to a page that no longer exists or that visitors enter a URL themselves that does not exist. Based on the requested URL, results will be shown that may be relevant.

Example: if a visitor searches, Searchine shows search results about piano lessons that do exist. In this way, Schools in the Arts can help visitors further and prevents the loss of visitors.

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"Searchine works well and our visitors notice that too. The number of visitors who leave the website immediately after a search has decreased considerably. While the search bar is used much more often. In addition, the search bar is also widely used by our employees to quickly find information on the website. An excellent optimization for our website. "
Scholen in de Kunst

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