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Sleeptrade is concerned with creating an optimal sleeping environment. Sleep advice for a good night's sleep is given via their website, But not only choosing the right bed, box or mattress is important for a good night's sleep. The material that bed linen is made of also has an effect on your night's sleep. That is why Sleeptrade has a webshop in addition to that sells high-quality bed linen.

2 x

More conversions

20 %

More organic traffic

12 %

Less website exits

Multiple websites searchable

Many visitors searched via for products that are only available on the webshop. These products were not found through the old search engine on, because the webshop was built on a different content management system (CMS). As a result, visitors got out and the webshop missed convertions. After the implementation of Searchine Site Search on, visitors who use the search function will also see search results from the webshop. When visitors click on a search query from the webshop, they are immediately forwarded to the webshop. In this way, visitors are better assisted in finding the right content and visitors remain within the domain of Sleeptrade.

Doubling of conversion

After the implementation of Searchine Site Search on, the conversion after performing a search has doubled. Visitors who use a search function already know what they are looking for. If they found this information, chances are they convert. Because Searchine Site Search provides extensive page information, visitors know more quickly whether a search result meets their expectations. In addition, Searchine Site Search offers the possibility to make pages that are less important, appear lower in the search results. This way, important pages come back earlier in the search results and visitors are more likely to convert.

Less website exits has 12% less website exits after performing a search with Searchine Site Search. As many as 85% of visitors click on a search result after performing a search. Thanks to the extensive page information that Searchine Site Search provides, visitors know faster whether a search result meets their expectations.

More organic traffic

Searchine Site Search also provides insights into website errors, such as 404 pages and dead ends. With these insights, Sleeptrade has adjusted the website errors on, which has a positive influence on online findability. After implementing Searchine Site Search, has 20% more organic traffic. Of the visitors who convert after performing a search, the majority found the website organic.

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